Influencers of Resonance

piano recitals 2022|2023

Extraordinary artistic meeting of Nikol Bóková and Kristina Barta. During the evening, what could not be expressed in words was heard, and vice versa, what could not be expressed only in music. In addition to the dialogue on the C. Bechstein concert grand, Nikol interviewed Kristina and Kristina Nikol, and both of them gave the audience a deeper insight into their work, the world of music and their emotions.

Ivo Kahánek: Ludvig Van Beethoven, Sonata No. 8 in C minor, Op. 13 ("Pathetic"), 3rd sentence

On June 10, the Hybatelé Resonance piano cycle will close with a chamber solo recital by Ivo Kahánek, one of our most acclaimed pianists.

Beate Hlavenková, one of the most outstanding Czech musicians with an unmistakable cross-genre authorship. Enjoy Bohuslav Reynek's poems set to music or compositions from the Theodoros album.

Jan Bartoš belongs to the most prominent representatives of the current generation of pianists. The last student of the legendary pianist Ivan Moravec stands out not only for his bravura technical virtuosity, but also for his complex interpretation approach. You can see this for yourself on April 8 at his solo recital in St. Agnes Monastery.

Marek Kozák

A talent that is rarely born, immeasurable diligence and humility... Tomáš Kačo, now living in Los Angeles, has behind him an admirable story leading from the closed Roma community in Nové Jičín to the sold-out, enthusiastic New York Carnegie Hall.

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